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With your help, Amici Cannis is improving the lives of countless dogs and cats through our spay and neuter work, street dog care, community education, and adoptions at our fully-equipped Animal Hospital in Cotacachi, Ecaudor.


We are proud to report that we have spayed over 1,300 dogs and cats, stabilized the roaming population, and improved the quality of life for dogs and cats in the town of Cotacachi since opening our doors in May of 2016.


Our work, however, is far from over.


There are countless dogs and cats in the over 40 small communities surrounding Cotacachi that suffer daily from hunger , disease and the endless cycle of reproduction. Thousands of puppies and kitties are born only to die before ever knowing the comfort and security of a loving home and full bowl of food.


Your donation will help us help them to live longer, healthier lives free of fear, hunger and suffering.



Amici Cannis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation in the USA, that allows generous individuals to make tax deductible contributions that benefit the street dog program of Cotacachi.


Donate Equipment

We are always in need of new or gently used veterinary quipment and supplies. If you think you have something that may help the dogs and cats of Cotacachi or the surrounding communities, contact us at


Volunteer Opportunities

We have a fully trained staff therefore we are not in need of regular volunteers. However, we occassionally seek volunteers for programs such as our bi-annual Census Count. Please refer to our “What Are We Up To” page where we post special projects that may need volunteers.


Fostering Dogs and Cats

We often have dogs that need to be fostered after surgery. If you feel like you can foster a dog, please contact us and we will have you complete an application and we will complete a site visit.


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